American Legion

Post 202 Elmore City, Oklahoma
Those Who Served


This is a list of those who have served their country and that are buried in the Elmore City and Katie Cemeteries of Oklahoma.  If you are related to any of the people listed here and would like to add their biography and/or their photo or know of someone who should be listed, please contact me.

Elmore City Cemetery
Martie W. Allen
Bennie F. Barns
James F. Bell
Jim Blanchard
Guy Brewer
Jesse E. Brewer
Bennie Bural
Eldridge Burton
Floyd J. Bush
Lee Bush
Johnny Van Buskirk
Roy D. Cain
Hugh L. Carlton
Kelvie Carpenter, Sr.
Roy Chambless, Jr.
Dalton R. Chapman
Albert Clark
George Clour
Paul Cook
Thomas C. Cook
William Cooksey
Gene Damron
Clifford A. Daniel
Charlie P. Deen
James L. Dendy
Harliss Dent
Joe A. Dill
Robert Dill
Robert B. Dill, Jr.
John Dillingham
Robert M. Downs
Aubrey Dunn
Noble A. Easter
Robert L. Easter
Albert Evans
Edgar Faust
Curtis Forehand
Harold Fritz
Grant Garrison
Harold Gibson
Joe T. Gibson
David Graves
Eunice C. Graves
Floyd Graves
Jay Graves
L. H. Graves
Luther Graves
Gideon Gray
Dwight E. Griffin
Kenneth Griggs
Walter Guy
Harold Hack
Edward F. Harmon, Jr.
Jeff Harmon
B. H. Harris
Thomas Harris
James Head
Wiley Herriage
William Herriage
Floyd Hicks
Carl Hilliard
Andrew J. Hinkle
Ira Hipp
Stephen M. Horn
Jess D. Hughs
Hugh Hustead
Willie M. Jacks
Cecil Jones
Charles J. Jones
Charley C. Jones
Clayton Jones
Silas M. Kennedy
W. Curtis Kennedy
Karl Kilcrease
Lonnie LeMay
Homer Lewis
Thearon K. Lindsey
William M. Lindsey
Glen Loftin
Eunice C. Mann
A. B. Martin
Vernon W. Martin
Floyd F. McKey, Jr.
Edward F. Minnick
Manual M. Minnick
Richard L. Minnick
Ollie Moore, Jr.
Roger Dale Moore
Troy W. Moore
Fountain M. Morgan
Clyde Nation
Ollie Nation
Shend A. Neal
Louis J. Neer
John Newlin
Miller Nicholson
John O'Neal
Ernest Park
Andy Patterson
William Paul
Jack Phillips
Thomas Phillips
Willard Phillips
Allen W. Pickett
Thomas Pickett
Hollis Pollard
Luther Powell
Earl Pyle
Everett H. Pyle
Haskell W. Pyle
Tom Riggs
Leo Risenhoover
Oren T. Risenhoover
Ben Roberts
R. P. Robinson
William E. Robinson
Harold E. Rose
W. A. Rose
Earl Runyon
Jess Sadler
William Schmidt
Jack B. Shelton
Dewey Shortes
Frank Shreve
Otey Simmons
Noel Sitz
Olin Smith
Charles P. Stephens
James M. Stewart
Ballard W. Strikling
Bert E. Taliaforro
Loyd Ray Teel
Bobby Ray Tomlinson
James E. Terrell
Ray Tillery
Ed Tomlinson
John Tucker
Everett Turner
Guyton Turner
Lloyd Turner
Kenneth Walling
Ira L. Ward
John J. Ward
John Watson
Ira Welch
Curtis D. Williams
Jack Williams
James H. Williams
Tom Williams
Charles T. Wolverton
Larry N. Yeary

Katie Cemetery
Names will be added soon.

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